What can make a school playground stand out from numerous other ones? There are some specific questions that need to be asked and gotten answers to before going into the installation of playground equipment. If the questions are avoided, it will possibly lead to some grave regrets after design and installation of the playground equipment.

When you carefully get answers to the questions, it will help you make decisions that will give you a unique playground that is safe enough for children to play even as they have fun.

Question 1: What Size Is Allocated To The New Playground

Knowing the size of the playground is the starting point so you can know the type and size of equipment to get. If you don't put this into consideration, you might end up getting equipment that is too big to fit into space or get the one that is too small that will make the playground look scanty. As you get the size, also ask to know how many children that will be using the equipment. This will also help you determine the budget for the project. After you get answers to the size of the children and space available, then you proceed to the second question.

Question 2: What Is The Age Range Of Children That Would Use It?

The type of equipment ages 2 – 5 use is quite different from that of ages 5 – 12. So it is nice to get the right age bracket before you choose equipment, in order to avoid getting the wrong equipment for any age group. It is also necessary that different playgrounds be built for different age groups with the right equipment for their age.

Question 3: Will Physically Challenged Children Be Part Of The Participants?

Children that have special needs should be considered, so there is need to ask if any would be part of the children that would use the playground. If they are going to part of them, necessary things need to be put in order so that they will feel at home playing with other children.

Question 4: What Should Be The Code Of Conduct For The Users?

Rules and regulations guiding the use of the playground should be ascertained. Once it is determined from the onset, it will be easier to communicate it to the users before they start making use of it, so that they will be cautious as they make use it.

Question 5: Is It Needful To Keep Equipment Being Used Presently?

Evaluation of the existing equipment should be made to ascertain if they should be retained or discarded. If they are already getting old and cannot be repaired, it is wise to discard so that it will not wound the kids.

When you have gotten answers the above questions, the next step is to set the budget and in setting the budget a number of things need to be put into consideration.

Things To Consider When Setting Budget

A number of things are to be put into consideration when it is time to set the budget and they include:

Cost of buying play equipment:

The type of equipment you want to purchase will determine what it will cost you to set up the playground. So, first of all, visit the manufacturers of the equipment and find out how much they sell each of the equipment.

Cost for the preparation of the site:

Discuss with the local contractors and get the price they will use for grading, excavation, and other things. This will guide you in preparing the budget.

Cost of installation:

Inquire to obtain what it will cost to get the playground installed.

Cost surfacing:

The type of surfacing you want to install will determine how much it will cost you. There are some surfacing that doesn't cost much like the ones built with sand or wood mulch. But if you want to go for recycled rubber padding that means your budget should be higher.

Different Types of Surfacing That Can Be Used For Playground

Most of the injuries that occur during play is as a result of the type of surfacing in the playground. We are going to evaluate some of the types of surfacing so that you will know the one that is better to reduce injury.

1. Fibre/Wood Carpet Surfacing

This is the kind of surface where wood fiber is used to do the surfacing. The playground built with this has shock-absorbing properties and it's cost-effective.

2. Unitary Surfacing

This kind of surfacing is produced with recycled rubber tires and a special material for binding.

Simple Guideline For Developing A Well-Planned Playground

For a playground to be well-developed, the following guidelines have to be followed:

There should be two areas: one area for active activities and the other for quiet activities. This is because different children have different taste. So when they have different areas to play, they will be able to choose the one that best fits them.

There should be different activities that can keep children busy and involved at the same time. If the playground is attractive enough, it can keep them busy for a long time and they would always want to come back.

We believe in this article, we have extensively handled the core questions you need to ask and things you need to know before you finally take a decision on the playground equipment you need to go for.

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